Saturday, September 13, 2008

Panos 2013: Fake Street Signs

I saw this today and was very impressed by it. I wonder would NYC be willing to sponser something like this similar to the way the city has sponsered other outdoor art events like the waterfalls and the gates in Central Park.

Another benefit of a project like Panos would be the decentralization of the artwork. I know many people who are New Yorker's who never saw the Gates in Central Park and have no plans to go see the waterfalls up close. A project like this would spread the creativity around the city and might inspire the truly die hard art fans to travel around the city searching for the many seperate art projects in order to witness them for themselves.

a collaborative project that takes the work of artists from around the world, in the form of fake road signs, and turns the streets of Lyon, France into an enormous gallery without walls.

The round red and white signs look enough like real European traffic signs that you might take them for granted, but weird enough if you notice them to make you stop and think.

This project has a delightful sense of humor, lots playful absurdity and a wonderful scale.

Panos 2013 is the second edition of this project. You can have a look at the first edition in the Panos 2004 section.

via - Panos

The only difference I would make on the whole project is the coloring of the Ad's by coloring it something like light green or purple the chance of it being mistaken as anything other than Art would be significantly lower. The idea of a commuter trying to decipher the art as a road sign would have to be a concern to the who would have to plan it.

More Examples of the Art From This Years Exhibition

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