Saturday, November 29, 2008

Top 10 Samples in Hip-Hop History - Part I - II

Part 1

Part 2

Lupin III Theme Music

1978 Theme song

1980 Theme Song

Kanye West - When It all Falls Down

This song was possibly the best song on a CD full of classic songs. However this video is so beyond anything I expected from Kanye that the first time I saw it my jaw dropped.

It’s Not Happening Here But It Is Happening Now

Via - Osocio

I heard about this reading Frank151 blog. Its from the Swiss department of Amnesty International. You have to respect their smart way of bringing the image home by placing the violent realities of foreign countries into people's natural surroundings. Total message intergration.

I Am Tired Of Autotune Songs

so I thought I would post a video of the most annoying (and funny) autotune song out there called Lose The War. Enjoy lol !

Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come

Ended up catching this movie on TCM tonight, just felt right to post this.

Bruce Lee Ping Pong

This is a great Viral Ad just because of how effective it is. It uses Bruce Lee in a way that plays of his role of an icon. Then it places him in his natural environment of Athletic competition. Combine these two things and you are going to create a situations where people are not going to be able to tell if this ad is based on reality or not.

Cat Scratch

Title: “Scratch me”
Client: Republic Technologies
Product: OCB
Advertising agency: Road (Barcelona)

via - Great Advertising, Clever Ads

This Ad comes from the Viral Campaign. After watching it a few times I have to admit it's genius but PETA would probably have it banned in America for its portrayal of Animals being used to make music...... Either way advertising magic!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lebron James - Chalk

Saw this on Kiss My Black Ads and felt I had to add it since it works so well with my last post

Lebron James - King Of Sneaker Commercials?

Here is a run down of some of Lebron's funniest Nike commercials

Hey Baby - Ft Nicole Scherzinger

Swimming Pool

Glory Days

The Chosen One - Ft Bernie Mac

I am assuming these are from Wieden+Kennedy which I praised before for their great ads.


I found this Online and thought it was interesting. French Hip Hop Break Dancing group Accrorap.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tom & Jerry - Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby

Classic Tom & Jerry with a Jazz tune! Is their a better combination of Violence and Sound?

*UPDATE: This is sort of offensive if you put into its historical context.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sam Cooke - Change Is Gonna Come

I recently saw Seal's cover of this song on VH1 Soul and I just had to post the original.

Hint Or Else

Not sure what agency made this. It might be the Richards Group that has done commecials for Gamestop before. Regardless of who made it though I feel its going to be effective. The way I see it, It will definitely connect to the target demographic of teenage players based on its use of sexually tinged dark humor. On the flip it might also get some parent groups angry which will lead to free publicity if they decide to make a public ruckus about it. Kudos to gamestop for pointing out that avoiding embarassment is in the power found in the hands of the Players..... amongst other things lol.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bike Hero

This feel's like a viral campaign but even if it isn't this is just great

Monday, November 10, 2008


Saw this video and I have to admit something like this should be played on Cartoon Network and Nicktoons. Children should be taught the fundamentals of the evironment and the problems we will all face in the future. Basically Informative and interesting.

Via - Kamikaze Planning

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Simpsons Mad Men Parody

It seems like Mad Men are making major inroads into Pop Culture. Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror is in some ways the modern version of the Peanuts holiday special.

Film Noir 2008

Here is a collection of pictures I found online from artist named Timothy Lim that remixes a lot of the current movie blockbusters through the lens of 1930's Film Noir movie Flyers. In some ways the artistic aspects of these poster have fallen to the wayside over the years. More movie advertising is based on cardboard displays.

However the pictures below make me want to see these movies a lot more than the cardboard displays that normally litter movie theate entrances.

via DeviantArt

Friday, November 7, 2008

Super Obama World

Super Obama World

I saw this game and thought it was hilarious

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It took eight years but America just entered the new millennium.

So lets celebrate with a song that I learned as a child but from tonight on will always be dear to my heart.

"This isnt just a historic moment. This is the cover of the history book"

I am so glad my grandmother is alive to see this day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kool and The Gang - Summer Madness

Its starting to get cold outside So i thought "why not post the best song around for laying in the grass AND/OR staring at clouds".

Urban Daddy - The Social Network Counter Revolution

Quantcast Ranking

I was just talking to a friend who gets this newsletter in his email and the concept of highly selective online niche marketing intrigues me. This is in my opinion the re-action to the current trend of large social networks that judge themselves on getting everyone instead of getting as the owner says in the video "the right profile". While his words are dripping with elitism it doesn't disqualify the fact that pin-pointing a specific segment of the market to advertise to is the real difference between creating just traffic and actually positively affecting sales.
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