Monday, September 29, 2008

I just saw these picture's and I had to share it. Here is a brief description of what another blog had to say on it.

Critics say that hot fashion designer Giles Deacon's latest collection for Spring/Summer 2009 is fairly conservative for him and not as wacky or irreverent as his past fashion excursions. With more traditional silhouettes (there were exceptions), fabulous graphic colored camouflage patterns and trim, as well as streamlined solid colored double knit jersey dresses, he may actually be turning somewhat... dare I say it... wearable.

However, the styling and production of his Spring Summer 2009 runway show, the floor of which was painted with the familiar graphic imagery of the 80's video game pac man, was anything but conservative. In an homage to Midway's Pac Man video game, every few models to strut down the runway wore large metal headgear which emulated the pac man characters (with a little creative liberty, of course).

via - If its Hip Its Here

I just saw these picture's and I had to share it.

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