Monday, January 19, 2009

Paid Search 101 rap

There should be a rule that you have to love anything that explains ROI and PPC in an amusing way.

via - Coolhunting

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pontiac Spy Hunter Game

Great commercial that uses a classic video game to sell the new Pontiac G8 Commercial.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

City Of God Son

If you grew up on 90's hip hop like me you got to love this thing its like a old school CD but new great shit.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

7 Things about me

First let me say that I have tried to make this a blog about my interest and not about myself because I like my privacy and I consider myself kind of boring. However I am always willing to take on a challenge as long as it doesn't involve me spending my money on something. Also this chain letter will die with me since well I don't really know anyone who I could possibly convince to do this.

1) I played as a football offensive right tackle in High School and still have the build for it. Because of this to this day I am often mistaken for the bouncer when I go out to clubs or Bars.

2) I am currently an Assistant Media Planner with dreams of being a strategic account planner or owning my own agency.

3) I Still read comic Books and watch cartoons regularly. My favorite comicbooks right now are B.P.R.D. and Justice League (look them up). My Favorite Cartoons are The Venture Brothers and Cowboy Bebop (look them up too).

4) I occasionaly Moonlight as a promoter for some clubs around NYC.

5) I am half Panamanian and Half African American.

6) I am a shy extrovert (I know thats a oxymoron but its true). If i don't know you well I am as quiet as a mouse. If I know you then I am the life of the party everytime we meet.

7) I consume tons of media constantly.....Book,movies,music,advertisement. On top of that I am eccletic in my taste so I often feel like I am two different people..... Du bois would call that double consciousness. I call that being me. A perfect example of this is my separate obsessions with Hip Hop and Jazz. Chess and Weight Lifting. Football and Anime. Or to paraphrase De La Soul "Fuck being hard /Risk is Complicated"

So there I did it but it was not easy. Shout out to Shaun of Prostituted Thoughts.

Dentyne Ice - 3 Minute Or Less

Interesting reverse psychology technique used on this site. Think about how many people are going to go to this site because they want to see what happens when your three minutes are up. Things like this should be used on Magazine sites. 5 minutes of all access then none for a few hours. The annoyance alone will make some people buy membership.
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