Tuesday, May 27, 2008


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Zombie Fun

Not to long ago a wannabe promoter approached me with the idea of throwing a party in Brooklyn. Of course I agreed to help because parties are one of the few mostly legal hobbies I have left. Until I saw a flyer .His brillant idea was to use zombies on the flyer and to call the party a "Horror Prom"

After a many failed attempts at trying to explain to the wannabe about why Zombies are corny. He refused to listen and threw a party no one went too. Moral of the story zombies (not to mention proms)is a horrible theme for anything, Right?

Well maybe not

1) A thearte in Canada is getting press for putting up pictures of Dead Versions of popular Broadway plays. So now its just a waiting game until the undead invade Broadway - Evil Dead The Play

2) On top of that I went to gamestop to try to sell some old video games for beer money (beer money is a neccesity in life only topped by liqour money). And had a discussion with a avid gamer about the wrongness of RE5 and its emphasis on killing Black Zombies . I would normally say it didn't matter but life has taught me that some people are crazy

Monday, May 26, 2008

Racist Cartoons and the factors of a ruined childhood

the great Blaxploitation director Melvin Van Peebles once said that the worse thing he remembers ever seeing on a movie screen as a child was racist images which tried to make him ashamed of being black.

So in honor of all the racist things that can ruin your childhood here are some links

9 racist Disney cartoons. The New York Times has written a pretty good article about how all these videos can be seen on youtube.....

Fuck Youtube.

Breaking News - Itunes Uses Great Song in their commercial

which almost makes up for the fact that using a song in an Itunes ad is the very definition of selling out. I wonder will they use a song from Immortal Technique next time?

Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Viva la Vida - Coldplay

Another Banned Boondocks Episode

I know this is old but I love this show.

Freeway - When They Remember

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Music

Saigon - Better Believe It

Busta Rhymes - Dont Touch Me (Remix) Ft Nas, Lil Wayne, Big Daddy Kane, Spliff Star, The Game and Reek Da Villain

Raekwon - Necro Ft Ghostface (Ghostface demonstrates how to properly treat a Doger)

Kidz In The Hall Driving down the block Ft El-P

N.E.R.D.: Everybody Nose (RMX) featuring Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pusha T

Notes from the Cheetos Underground & Beyond

Here'a real good article on all the things wrong with a high corn frutose snack company promoting rebellion by putting thick black frames on a childhood cheese icon . One thing they didnt mention is that shades are always cooler. Stupid Marketing Bastards....

In Other News:

1)The Star of GTA4 complains that making 100,000 for 100 days of work is just not fair. Though he did make a good point about how an actor would make more money in a traditional media format he is forgetting the fact that Video Games are not a TRADITONAL MEDIA FORMAT!!! He should be grateful he isn't being paid in theoretical dollars.

The Official Flashing lights Video part 2

and here is an early MTV press release....I mean their behind the scenes look at the biggie movie. My only question now is whose being exploited worse Tupac for all the CD's that came out after he died or Biggie in this movie. But until someone makes a reality TV show about their families lives after their deaths (pun intended). Its gonna be a toss up.

Also a real good article on why Gawker rules and everbody else sucks.

Lastly I went with a friend to a Underground Pulsewave Concert and it was different. But regardless if I liked the music or not I am grateful he got me out of my house this weekend.

Robert Greene Books

here are links to download two real popular ebooks on power and seduction and for those of you who dont like to real books on computer screens here is a summary

Art Of Seduction

48 Laws Of Power

Banned Boondocks Episode - Uncle Ruckus Reality Show

A quick summary of this banned episode is that BET stands for Black Evil Television. Uncle Ruckus is a horrible caricature of self loathing black men. Most importantly Reginald Hudlin is a clown who went to Harvard.

P.S. Fuck Youtube for never leaving anything worth watching up for more than a few days.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Music 2.0

Welcome to Music 2.0. really though the concept of a track coming premade with the ability to take it apart piece by piece and only play the vocals of a track or the drums is a sample fiend's wet dream.

Long weekend reading

Here's some links from stuff I seen around the web that can keep you occupied as you try to avoid the family and relax during your long holiday.

1) After tons of money and man hours were wasted on what could only be described as a pettiness on the part of federal government officials . The Rulers Back (and this time he is here to stay).

2) Anyhow they should focus their efforts on R Kelly and what has been described by some as his Little Man Defense (and no this is not a reference to the midget actor used in R. Kelly's trapped in closet music videos). Really though if your going to scour through Wayans brother movie for possible alibi's (for why you couldn't have done what you filmed yourself on camera doing). Go with the classic soap opera excuse. Blame it on his dead brother.

3) Just saw a commercial for Astroland and I could have sworn they had closed down last summer. However if your in Brooklyn this weekend take the kids there and teach them the fear of death or mutilation that only Astroland rides can instill in them.

* Bonus: think of all the money your saving on gas by avoiding long car trips to all those amusing death traps located out of state.

4) Its official Keith Olbermann is the closest thing America has to a political conscious ( Part 1 and part 2 ). I think if I was a Hillary supporter and I heard this someone would have to smack me in order for me to become conscious again, because I would have passed out somewhere between the first "We have forgiven you" and "No capacity to be the President of the United States". It would have been too much of the truth to handle in one dosage after a good three month of deluding myself about Hillary's chances at winning the election. Thank God I support Obama.

5) Nas apparently changes the Name of his CD from N****R to NAS to appease his label (and be stocked in Wal-Mart Stores around the country). Regardless though is seems like this album is shaping up to be Revolutionary but Gangsta

6) Last but not least here is seven life lessons from GTA & What Jay-Z can teach you about Business.

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