Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zombie Fun

Not to long ago a wannabe promoter approached me with the idea of throwing a party in Brooklyn. Of course I agreed to help because parties are one of the few mostly legal hobbies I have left. Until I saw a flyer .His brillant idea was to use zombies on the flyer and to call the party a "Horror Prom"

After a many failed attempts at trying to explain to the wannabe about why Zombies are corny. He refused to listen and threw a party no one went too. Moral of the story zombies (not to mention proms)is a horrible theme for anything, Right?

Well maybe not

1) A thearte in Canada is getting press for putting up pictures of Dead Versions of popular Broadway plays. So now its just a waiting game until the undead invade Broadway - Evil Dead The Play

2) On top of that I went to gamestop to try to sell some old video games for beer money (beer money is a neccesity in life only topped by liqour money). And had a discussion with a avid gamer about the wrongness of RE5 and its emphasis on killing Black Zombies . I would normally say it didn't matter but life has taught me that some people are crazy

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