Sunday, May 25, 2008

Notes from the Cheetos Underground & Beyond

Here'a real good article on all the things wrong with a high corn frutose snack company promoting rebellion by putting thick black frames on a childhood cheese icon . One thing they didnt mention is that shades are always cooler. Stupid Marketing Bastards....

In Other News:

1)The Star of GTA4 complains that making 100,000 for 100 days of work is just not fair. Though he did make a good point about how an actor would make more money in a traditional media format he is forgetting the fact that Video Games are not a TRADITONAL MEDIA FORMAT!!! He should be grateful he isn't being paid in theoretical dollars.

The Official Flashing lights Video part 2

and here is an early MTV press release....I mean their behind the scenes look at the biggie movie. My only question now is whose being exploited worse Tupac for all the CD's that came out after he died or Biggie in this movie. But until someone makes a reality TV show about their families lives after their deaths (pun intended). Its gonna be a toss up.

Also a real good article on why Gawker rules and everbody else sucks.

Lastly I went with a friend to a Underground Pulsewave Concert and it was different. But regardless if I liked the music or not I am grateful he got me out of my house this weekend.

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