Monday, October 27, 2008

The Secret To World Peace

This explanation is pretty valid in a lot of ways. Bear with me as I try to explain why at 3 am.

To over complicate what Penn says here is a redux using the often qouted "Game Theory". You do not have to like someone but Game Theory states that working with someone to a mutually beneficial goal is the only logical (and proper) course when placed in a situation where risk/reward is based on the success over an obstacle.

This is why the concept of segregation was such a poison to America. Since America is a capitalist country we are suppose to always try to accomplish a goal in the most cost efficient method possible. Segregation separated and denigrated the African American workforce based on arbitrary reasons.

Ironically Booker T. Washington often preached a early for of this mind state by using the example of the hand and the fingers and while mostly being separate would have to come together in order to accomplish any substantial goals.

Now America finds itself once again separated. However, unlike segregation America finds itself separated from most of the world due to our current policies. We as a country must rejoin the world and face our collective problems together.

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