Monday, August 11, 2008

Art without borders

I first saw the video below months ago but it left such a strong impression that I had to post it here. The project called MOTU was created by a artist called Blu. At first glance I orginally thought it was just a simple graffiti stop motion cartoon. It soon became apparent to me after a few minutes of watching this video that MOTU is as much a border breaking cartoon as anything else.

Did you see the paper eating desk jockey..... however long it took to create this, it was worth it. I am a little miffed thought that other artist (or companies) haven't tried to emulate and improve upon this in some way or form. Its an original technique to stop motion animation and as a perk whoever is doing can claim they are actually cleaning up "graffiti" (though I have to wonder. What did the people whose tag's he crossed out do once they saw that they were tagged out? )

- via BluBlu

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